Ideological stance on cannabis. Do you want to adhere by signing it?

Ideological stance on cannabis. Do you want to adhere by signing it?

Cannabis is a sacred plant native to India , where is called Ganja- , which must be respected and treated as such. That is, it cannot be considered as a common consumer product. In the traditional world, plants, animals and minerals are considered to have soul, consciousness and wisdom, therefore, deserve the utmost care and consideration.

The use of sacred plants requires a delicate process of initiation where the spiritual dimension is the key to making this communion ( human – plant), in a balanced way. When you relate with something sacred in a healthy way, it also requires a personal maturity in all dimensions: physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual.

We do not agree with banning cannabis, because it has generated violence, corruption, crime, marginalization, abuse, illness, etc. But that does not mean that we agree with the indiscriminate use of it, as it can lead to abuse, addiction and/or serious disorders (physical, mental and psychic).

To have the ambition to prohibit the existence of the plant or individual freedom of the use of it, it is an arrogant and leads to use power over nature and people. It is also true that people should have the right to be wrong , but the association between freedom of use and control of a sacred plant, it is fanciful and prideful, basically because no one considers the other party, meaning, the plant is a living being, conscious, with a sacred spirit which has something to say. However, being honest, consumer education and the so-called “responsible consumption” often ends up becoming the argument of the addict. As the therapeutic properties are used to justify who is usually addicted.

The problem is similar to tobacco, considered a sacred plant in the Andes and the Amazon with therapeutic properties in the traditional world, just being desecrated and becoming detrimental in the Western world. The comparison has the same elements, the use of tobacco as a deconsecrated product, part of the consumerism and indiscriminate use = addiction and other illnesses.

So, to make cannabis a business – especially of leisure- belongs to the common mistakenly Western mindset founded on the believe to have the right of exploitation of nature to the “service” of man.

The question is whether in a materialistic, deconsecrated, hyperactive and hyper-consumerist society, we can consume anything without it becoming a problem.

Do you want to adhere to this ideological position on how we should relate to this plant? Sign the following ideological stance:

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